Health Benefits of Gluten, Casein and Nightshade Free Diet

There are many challenges with a gluten, casein and nightshade free diet.  But going on just a gluten free diet may not be enough to control your pain, fatigue and inflammation.   Gluten is often hard to pinpoint as a problem because some people are not allergic but are sensitive.  Gluten symptoms come in a variety of ways.  Most often gluten will trigger a gastrointestinal response but many times causes severe energy depletion, headaches, and nerolgical symptoms to name a few.  Casein most often delivers gastrointestinal symptoms as well as sinus and ear infections.  The nightshades (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant) do not actually cause inflamation but if an inflammation is present, nightshades enhance the pain and inflammation.  So it is benefitial to stay off of nightshades to take control of your inflammation. Monica Pelletier has written an awesome cookbook with wonderful recipes which fit all of the needs for people who need to be off of these foods.  I find that people who are allergic, sensitive or have illnesses such as: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, ADHD, and autism can benefit from this diet which often makes their symptoms less severe.  Monica has tested each and every recipe at least twice on family and friends with superb results.  My favorites are the Green Coconut Chicken and Chocolate Cinnamon Corn.  Find Monica's cookbook at the following link -
Living With Wellness: Gluten, Casien and Nightshade-Free Cooking (Volume 1)