Health Benefits of Gluten, Casein and Nightshade Free Diet

There are many challenges with a gluten, casein and nightshade free diet.  But going on just a gluten free diet may not be enough to control your pain, fatigue and inflammation.   Gluten is often hard to pinpoint as a problem because some people are not allergic but are sensitive.  Gluten symptoms come in a variety of ways.  Most often gluten will trigger a gastrointestinal response but many times causes severe energy depletion, headaches, and nerolgical symptoms to name a few.  Casein most often delivers gastrointestinal symptoms as well as sinus and ear infections.  The nightshades (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant) do not actually cause inflamation but if an inflammation is present, nightshades enhance the pain and inflammation.  So it is benefitial to stay off of nightshades to take control of your inflammation. Monica Pelletier has written an awesome cookbook with wonderful recipes which fit all of the needs for people who need to be off of these foods.  I find that people who are allergic, sensitive or have illnesses such as: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, ADHD, and autism can benefit from this diet which often makes their symptoms less severe.  Monica has tested each and every recipe at least twice on family and friends with superb results.  My favorites are the Green Coconut Chicken and Chocolate Cinnamon Corn.  Find Monica's cookbook at the following link -
Living With Wellness: Gluten, Casien and Nightshade-Free Cooking (Volume 1)

So you want to... Create Your Healthy Kitchen

Yes, this wonderful kitchen can be yours from the beginning seed to the development of compost to fertilize the seed.  Delicious food is made in your kitchen by making healthy living a family affair and using the resources in your community. Your community can provide advice and often the organic, local vegetables and grass-fed meats to prepare in your kitchen.  Unfortunately, many find learning how to create this new kitchen environment too time consuming or just too hard since the knowledge of how to do this is limited.  A good holistic nutritionist can mentor you and your family in the creation of this new kitchen. Often I get questions from people who want to change what and how they buy and prepare food … Such as, am I going to have to read thirty books on sustainable, organic living and watch all the Dr Oz’s past and future shows to learn how to build this healthy kitchen?  Then the questions begin...How do I buy and cook the right food?  What kinds of pots are safe to cook in?  Should I be a vegetarian? What is local and organic? What is sustainability and what does this have to do with me or my kitchen?  I will give you some insight into these questions over the next few weeks but rest assured that this kitchen is not as hard to develop as you think.

One can pick up some books by Michael Pollan, such as, Omnivores Dilemma or In Defense of Food.  You can read the tremendous number of publications on nourishing foods by Sally Fallon and the Weston A. Price Foundation. As a nutritionist I have this knowledge through years of research and can help you with your journey.

There are some aides to help you get started… I would like to recommend a book which summarizes how to create the healthy kitchen.  This book is by Alexandra Zissu who writes on green living, food and parenthood.  Her book, “The Conscious Kitchen”, starts with definitions of terms such as: agribusiness, carbon footprint, organic, local and sustainable agriculture.  She describes the environments to grow your own food or where to buy safe food.  She gives recipes, references to websites and books to get a thorough understanding of feeding your family the best foods.

Over the next few weeks I will give you some more details on how to pursue your journey to the healthy kitchen.

- C. J. Powell, Wellness Wins, LLC