My name is Clara Powell, and I developed Wellness Wins after my victory over pain, inflammation and fibromyalgia. It’s my hope to help others experience the same health, happiness and ability to enjoy the life I’ve discovered.

My story started with a bicycle accident that triggered the onset of acute, chronic pain. After a crushing diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I spent years searching for answers. I was on 9 different medications and lost control of my health and life almost overnight.

One day, I discovered the power of holistic nutrition through a book by Dr. Gloria Gilbère and was immediately filled with hope that my long suffering might be nearing its end. Within 3 years, I was off all drugs and had a new lease on life!

Today, it is my goal to help others gain victory over their health and return to wellness. My services are ideal for those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, hormone problems, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders or other inflammatory illnesses.

CJ saved my life! I had a respiratory infection for five month. The diet changes and supplements helped but until I listened to her and had my house checked for mold did I get well. I had black mold in a poorly sealed wall in my basement.

Mary - Alexandria, VA


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