Local Charleston, South Carolina Wellness Experts Speak Out


In 2014 two Wholistic Rejuvenists, Dr. Gloria Gilbere, known as the “Health Detective” and Clara “CJ” Powell, known as the “Balance Lady” started to educate the public on how to take better control of their own health.  The focus of the Invisible Illnesses Summit is for attendees to understand the Causes and Effects of illnesses, and the Natural Solutions one can make in their own environment to improve their health.  These summits are reasonably priced at the early bird price of $99 which includes lunch, snacks and beverages, plus tremendous takeaways to improve your health.  We bring to you two international speakers and three local speakers.  The local speakers are practitioners who will work together to help you find the right mix of wellness solutions.

We started our journey in the United States with our first summit in Gig Harbor, Washington to educate the local people.  We now present our second summit in the Charleston, South Carolina area again with the goal to educate the local community.

You may be surprised to find the things that sabotage your health. 

Don’t miss this event especially, if you live in the beautiful state of South Carolina.  Click on the picture of the beautiful Ravenel Bridge of Charleston at http://www.wellness-wins.com/ and register for the Invisible Illnesses Summit on March 18-19, 2016.