Why Do I Need a Nutritionist? Better Yet...A Wholistic Rejuvenist?

You are just having a bad day… feeling tired, can’t sleep, have a headache and just want to grab a pizza, sit down and watch a movie or play a video game.  So, you take an aspirin, have a diet soda and chill.  If you still feel bad in the morning, you can just call in sick, drop by the doctor and get something to get rid of the pain.

This may be your standard process of life these days when in fact you may not need a doctor but a good nutritionist who can help you with a new road map back to good health.

We do not live in a clean world these days.  Lead in our water, pesticides in our food and fallout from nuclear testing adds to our toxic load.  These are just a few of the burdens placed on or bodies which make good nutrition so much harder than even 20 to 50 years ago.  So the need for a nutritionist to help learning new skills like label reading and understand a term on the label like Alginic acid (is that good for you?)   Is oleander in your make-up good for you?  Also what’s in laundry products and proper testing of your drinking water becomes so important.  There is so much you can do for yourself just with the knowledge of what could be making you feel tired or giving you that headache.

As a nutritionist, I thoroughly look into your environment from foods you eat to the shampoo you use.  Evaluation of your sleep patterns, water and exercise are so important.   If the general evaluation does not get you back on the road to health then the Rejuvenist hat must go on.

As a Wholistic Rejuvenist,  I go even deeper into an investigation of your health.  You may already have a disease diagnoses which general nutrition just can’t solve.  So I investigate further so you can rejuvenate back to good health.  To learn more, attend my summit, “Invisible Illnesses Solved “ on March 18-19, 2016.  It is only $99 which includes lunch and many perks. 

Your health is the most important thing you and your family can have.   Attend this event to find out how to help yourself back to good health.  Register at:  http://www.wellness-wins.com/events-classes/. Click here to secure your seat!