Happy New Year’s 2016 - Cheers with a Rosemary Detox Tonic


Another year GONE... so you dressed up in your festive clothes, gathered with friends and partied TOO hard and drank TOO much. 

SO, you start your New Year 2016 killing off brain and liver cells?  The familiar jokes come out as well:  The liver must be punished…or who needs those weak brain cells anyway.  Why do you do this to yourself over and over?  

Rosemary is an herb that is very healthy for the brain.  Eating it or using a single essential oil of Rosemary will get you started on your detox.  Add some musadadine juice and lemon for heart and liver health.  To top it off, add a detox class or a self-help event to start your year off right.  Join me live or by audio for classes or sign up for the March event at http://www.wellness-wins.com/events-classes/.   

Here is a recovery tonic to get you started on a healthier note this New Year’s Day.

Rosemary Detox Tonic

2 drops of Rosemary essential oil or crushed Rosemary leaf  (Call me at 703-217-5269 or 703-217-8211 for details on getting the right essential oils)

1 tsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice or 2 drops of essential oil of lemon 

2 ounces Nature’s Pearl Muscadine Juice (Buy at https://www.naturespearlproducts.com/web/department?Mode=&CustomerMemberId=0&DepartmentId=21&Country=US.  Get a discount by using partner number 19031)

6 oz of water or sparkling water

All over ice with a twist of lemon and Rosemary sprig