After a long hot summer, does your body feel like it's moldy with fungus and in need of a Fall Detox ?

  After a long hot summer, does your body feel like it's moldy with fungus and in need of a Fall Detox?

We are already well into the Fall season with tickles in our throats, watery eyes and nose sniffles.  So why such a problem now and what can be done?

The fall season brings along mature plants with seeds flying through the air.  Some will sprout in decayed leaves but some will become part of the decay.  Leaves fall and create mulch but that mulch is decay, mold and stale water to make our noses sensitive.  And what happens with all those bugs which shed their wings and skin this time of year?  They are part of the mulch which is being created!

The pollens from all the mature plants are flying through the air.  Some are beautiful like the parachutes from the dandelion.  I love the seeds of the bee balm and basil floating in the air.  Are all of these causing our sensitivities to blossom too?  We know for a fact that the infamous ragweed and goldenrod with their spores floating around in the autumn air are huge enemies for many.

And then there is the mold or fungi.  It is in our homes, yards, cars and storage bins all summer long, just growing but then in the fall with cool days and nights it flourishes.  On top of that we close our doors and turn on the heat without changing that furnace filter and BOOM more mold and dust mites grow.

So what can be done to help?

Fall is the perfect time to detox with the right fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar rich foods and survive the pollen, weeds and mold.  Foods to consume with vigor are from the natural harvest of the season.  Enjoy the harvest time holidays without high sugar consumption as this will keep your immune system healthy. 

Wellness Wins can help with a Fall Detox and a special Fall Allergy Kit.  This detox will help strengthen your immune system and give protection from fall symptoms.    The kit includes three supplements to help you combat the pollen, weeds, and mold, support you if you have an allergic reaction and  help you avoid going to the doctor when you think an antibiotic is in line.  Both single and family packages are available.  Please call or email me to discuss your needs.

Enjoy this mellow autumn weather!