Let’s Eat EGGS for the Holidays…Not SUGAR

My favorite uncle died at age 60 after having his third heart attack.  The doctors had told him he had to stop eating butter and eggs to protect him from another heart attack.  In fact, he stopped eating eggs and had two pieces of white bread (sugar) and margarine (which he was told was healthier than butter) for breakfast every morning with his coffee.

News Blast:  What we now know about EGGS and CHOLESTEROL…  National news programs report  we know that consumption of eggs is no longer considered in the government dietary guidelines list to be avoided.  They state that cholesterol found in foods, such as eggs, is no longer listed as a “nutrient of concern.”  The proposed changes are now supported by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology who stated, “there wasn’t definitive evidence to tell the average person to reduce how much cholesterol they consume.”  Steven Nissen, chairman of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic stated, “It’s the right decision.  We got the dietary guidelines wrong.  They’ve been wrong for decades.”  He further stated that only twenty percent of a person’s cholesterol comes from food and that the suggestion to avoid eggs was never based upon good science.  Szabo, L. USA Today Feb. 12, 2015

There are some important guides to adding eggs back to your diet as not every egg is created equal.  It is important to stay away from factory farmed eggs to avoid antibiotics and added hormones.   If you purchase your eggs at the grocery store look for these healthier labels:

Organic - Organic means the chicken has access to organic food and likely Non-GMO.  Don’t be fooled by the label of All Natural which simply means it is an egg.  It is likely from a chicken grown in a factory farm that treats their chickens with antibiotics and growth hormones since the chickens are grown in a crowded environment and gives them hormones to expedite the development of the chicken.  These antibiotics and hormones are likely passed on to the consumer.

Free-Roaming - Free-Roaming means the chickens are raised outside and given access to the fresh foods and bugs that birds eat.  Most have access to organic food and not supplemented with grains.  This is different from Cage-Free and Vegetarian-fed.  Cage-Free simply means the door of the cage is open and they can go outside to eat bugs and seeds.  Vegetarian-fed means they are fed a vegetable diet, not necessarily a healthy one.  Both are usually supplemented with grains.

Pastured - This is very close to free-roaming and is a good option.  Read carefully as not to pick up the Pasteurized labeled eggs as this is very different. Pasteurized means the eggs are sterilized.  Once pasteurized the food value of the egg drops tremendously.  Yes you have a very sterol egg but the nutrients are reduced in this process. So if you want a clean egg, just wash it before cracking it.


Then there is the freshness of the egg which is important.  This is the key to avoid illnesses from eggs.  Your Health Detective has covered this in detail so read her blog for more information.  http://www.yourhealthdetective.com/2015/11/issue-112015-how-to-tell-if-your-eggs-are-still-fresh-and-healthy.html

Enjoy your Holiday!  Clara