Mark Your Calender for the 2016 Invisible Illnesses Summit

Want to Understand Root Causes of Inflammation?

Join me at the 2016 Invisible Illnesses Summit in Charleston, South Carolina, March 18-19, 2016.

Time is flying like the autumn leaves and I want to make sure you start your planning for early spring now.

Isn’t it time that you take control of your own health.  Many think taking control of your health means: weight control, getting your flu shot or taking your aspirin every day.  Or getting just one more anti-aging surgery and adding another activity to your day which turns out to be stress rather than fun.

Wellness Wins and the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation will present our second Invisible Illnesses Summit on March 18-19 2016 in the Charleston area.  Our focus is to educate a larger number of clients and patients on what they can do daily to improve their quality of life through examining the root causes of inflammation and the actions they can take to reduce inflammation in their bodies.

I'm leading this effort as a South Carolina practitioner along with Dr. Gloria Gilbere, a long time pioneer in the reduction of inflammation, to enhance quality of life and health regardless of a disease diagnoses.  Both of us are survivors of fibromyalgia syndrome and we have made our life missions to help other sufferers with these types of disorders.  The Summit will also feature local speakers and vendors who can help you with solving these problems.

Invisible Illnesses are disorders which show little if any physical signs problems but rob us of our health.  Some of these disorders include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart disease, and even alzheimer’s.  

Review the event information and enroll at:  Space is very limited so reserve your seat now.