As a survivor of an invisible illness (fibromyalgia), Clara will talk with you about how to live life in balance by simply living life in a natural, stress-free way.  This can be difficult with the unbalanced environment of the modern world.  Our creator made us to eat, breathe, exercise and enjoy life from the earth.  We are earthlings and were not made to digest processed foods, breathe chemicals or get great emotional and physical benefit from a treadmill.

Life in our industrial and technological age adds toxics and stressors to our daily lives.  Living in balance is key to living a happy, healthy and purposeful life.  Everyone should give themselves this positive approach to life.  

These group classes can take place in class, workshop or seminar format.  There are options to develop a series of classes or just one class either in person, online or teleseminars. 


Below are the possible subjects for these group classes.

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs:  Are you keeping your digestive system health?  Learn how to keep the good bacteria and avoid the bad.

Healthy Living Inside Out:  Does it really matter what you put in your body and on your body?  Find out how the environment matters for healthy living.

Body Mineral Balance: Are minerals as important as vitamins?  What’s the difference?  Find out how important mineral balance is and how to improve your water and soil for better balance.

Couples Hormone Balance: We have all been led to believe hormone balance was all about women’s health.  This balance is as equally important for men.  Let’s talk about how to stay in hormone balance as couples from food, to stress and environment.

Pain and Inflammation Solved: Are you in pain or have an inflammatory disorder?  We will talk about detoxification methods to reduce pain and inflammation for a better life.

Wellness Winds for Boaters and Travelers:  As boaters and travelers head out for their adventures, many only think of the medical first aid kit.  Let’s talk about wellness on the water for enjoyment every day while eating fabulous meals.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities: Gluten seems to be the allergy most people have these days.  There are many more.  Learn about the primary culprits and also the minor ones and the difference between allergy and sensitivity.  It’s important.

Balance for Invisible Illnesses:  I won’t use the word “cure” because there isn’t one.  Well not even the doctors have one.  I can teach you how easy it is to help yourself back to health.  Your good health is the most precious gift you can give yourself.

Living Life in Balance for Mind, Body and Spirit: Do you think physical wellness is the focus?  When your spirit is broken and your mind does not function well because you have no idea how to solve your problems, how can you be healthy?  Learn skills to stay in balance with mind, body and spirit.

Makes and Takes or Workshops

Make Your Own Green Drinks

Wellness Wins and Fermented Foods

Art and Color Booking

Yoga and Essential Oils

Myofascial Release and Ball Therapy

Cooking Class for Allergies

Foods to Reduce Chronic Pain

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