Detox & Rejuvenate

I designed this package for individuals suffering from chronic conditions related to pain, inflammation, fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivities. This program also addresses our aging degenerative conditions as heart disease and diabetes. As part of this package, I designed a comprehensive detoxification plan for you, including diet, supplements, herbal remedies, and an intensive program of holistic therapies. You will also receive basic deficiencies-testing, plus feedback on possible allergies which may be contributing to your condition. Clients have reported significant health transformations as a result of this program, including effective pain management, increased happiness, energy, and overall wellness.


A Body Balance package is for everyone in the family. This package gives a whole body view of each individual’s health. There are individual evaluations and family balance packages as well. This will be the best package to set a wellness baseline for everyone in the family. Body Balance can help you meet new health goals through evaluation of vitamins, minerals, diet, exercise, relaxation and work habits. Rather than taking a hand-full of supplements, or not knowing which essential oils are best for you, this body balance evaluation will help you know what works best for your body type.  According to your personal customized assessment, I will recommend tasty cuisine, teach you the benefits of mineral and vitamin balance, and enable you to apply it for disease prevention and overall health in your life. Clients have reported improved health, internal balance, and increased energy/vitality upon completion.

Weight, Hormones, Energy  

In our current modern age, weight gain or loss is not just related to what you eat…environment is key. This researched-based package brings the benefits of medical science and holistic therapies together to address sugar imbalances in the diet, modern hormone changes due to environment, and lack of appropriate exercise and outdoor activities for the individual.  While ideal for people struggling to lose weight, this program is also great for individuals desiring deeper cleansing and metabolic balance. You will receive a personalized dietary assessment, hormone tests, environmental assessment, and activity assessment in addition to recipes, holistic therapies, a fitness guide, and my ongoing support. I will design this program based on your specific needs and weight loss goals to help you look and feel your best ever.


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