After a diagnosis with an “Invisible Illness” which the doctors call Fibromyalgia syndrome, I started my journey back to wellness. On the road back to health I decided to seek a way to help others. Well into my career with federal service, I already had an education and background in process improvement and business management, so I sought a degree in holistic nutrition. With a master’s degree and all of the knowledge I had from diet, food allergies, supplements and other natural modalities and therapies which saved my life, I started Wellness Wins to help others.

I have focused on nutrition, which covers every aspect of a person’s environment from the food they eat, the cosmetics and laundry detergent they use, the air they breathe to the water they drink. Everything in a person’s environment affects their health. Nutrition is not just about what a person eats.

I have taken on some hard-to-solve cases from mold exposure to allergies to plastics. I have been able to help everyone who has come to me for help and who will listen and work hard to improve their own health. I do not have to address a specific disease because the number of syndromes which cannot be explained by the traditional medical system are popping up daily. I use natural means to improve their lives and balance their health.

To address pain and inflammation, I use natural supplementation from herbs, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. I use detoxification diets, protocols, and supplements to eliminate toxins from a person’s body safely while doing no harm. I have developed a network of other practitioners, whom I trust to provide the natural solutions needed for a person to get well, from holistic hair dressers, holistic dentists and sustainable non-toxic homebuilding.  

I am here to help you improve your health and always ready to hear from others a new way to improve health.

Sincerely yours for balanced health!

- Clara

Clara “CJ” Powell, MS, CWR is the founder and visionary force which makes Wellness Wins.  She personally designs wellness plans for each client or family.  She designs a specific diet, supplement plan, and exercise recommendation to suit the needs from a baby to an elderly person in a wheelchair.

Clara has a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition, is a certified Wholistic Rejuvenist (CWR) through the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation, and a certified hair tissue mineral analyst from the Malter Institute.  Clara holds other certificates in organic gardening, naturopathy and holistic spiritual health. She has served on various women’s wellness councils, served on the board for Fibromyalgia Coalition International and is currently on the advisory board to the Institute for Wholistic Rejuvenation in Gig Harbor, WA.

Clara speaks often at health providers’ events, nonprofits, womens’ clubs and most recently to the staff of Charleston Airport in South Carolina.  Clara has written articles for the magazines Fibromyalgia Solutions and Invisible Illnesses – Solved.